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Want to pay for your taxi with cryptocurrency?

Soon, you’ll be able to!   CORION and Smart Cab Nigeria have just signed a strategic agreement, in order to make this a reality.   The first transportation company to join CORION Marketplace, Smart Cab Nigeria is offering its customers a much more comfortable and convenient ride - at a reduced price. Smart [...]

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Support mobile shopping (and higher profit)!

Many businesses who operate in volatile markets are turning to cryptocurrencies, in order to support a better user experience, while ensuring higher (and more stable) profits. But, how?   Joining forces with a cryptocurrency provider such as CORION is not only convenient for customers (who can now pay from their mobile phones, with [...]

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Last chance, CORION ICO ends this week! Get your ticket to Dubai as bonus

Last minute promotion just for 5 days New 11,000 COR purchase campaign LAST CHANCE to have a stake in the industry of the future         Purchase 11,000 COR NOW and  you are granted 2 Premium Tokens, PLUS a 4 day holiday in DUBAI . CORION Platform supplies the 3 nights 4 star hotel [...]

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Become your own banker (without getting hacked!) part #3

In our previous posts (available here, on the CORION blog, part #1, part #2), we covered some issues which require your attention, in order to handle your personal cryptocurrency banking responsibly. In this message, we’ll reveal a surprising security issue discovered by the CORION team, which might leave your cryptocurrency wallet and personal [...]

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Become your own banker (without getting hacked!) part #2

Our previous post should have given you a few helpful hints regarding the Do’s and Don’ts of becoming your own banker. Still, there is a lot you need to know, in order to avoid security risks, and protect your digital assets. Choosing the right wallet is an essential step towards responsibly managing your [...]

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Become your own banker (without getting hacked!) part #1

Blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrency has created a world in which any person or entity can transfer value on the internet directly to another party - without any intermediary. While this means that people now have the power to manage and care for their own assets, that empowerment also places responsibility [...]

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Twitter Bounty Hunter – play & gain

Gaming period: 6-20th aug 2017. (20 tweets) Rules: Follow us on Twitter. (https://twitter.com/CorionPlatform) Retweet and like at least 8 dedicated tweets → 20 CORIONs. (~20 USD) Retweet and like all 20 dedicated tweets → 75 CORIONs. (~75 USD) Dedicated tweets will have this logo on the picture:   14 tweets are published at [...]

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Taking Cryptocurrency Mainstream

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. You understand, at least to a degree, the transformative power they promise. But the best data suggests that less than one percent of the world’s population are using blockchain and cryptocurrency in any form. Why is that? We at CORION [...]

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