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Since our ICO launched on June 18, we’ve raised over $2 million dollars, and word is spreading about CORION. Take a look at some of our mentions in the press and cryptosphere:   “Corion has created an ecosystem and suite of services that rival emerging blockchain services offered by bulge-bracket banks like Citi [...]

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Facebook Bounty Hunter – WINNERS

CORION Bounty Hunter Program was closed. Facebook bounty campaign run in the last two weeks was closed yesterday. The list of successful participants is available in this google sheets   If you are on the list of WINNERS, please send us a private message on Facebook and provide the requested details for the [...]

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CORION ICO Announcement

Most recent fintech news has centered around the failures of cryptocurrency – from the wild variation of speculative pricing, to recent security breaches which have allowed hackers to make off with millions in vulnerable digital assets. With all the negative publicity surrounding the cryptocurrency space – and the shocking lack of accountability which [...]

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What Crypto and the Commodore 64 Have in Common

What Crypto and the Commodore 64 Have in Common | CORION While a few digital currencies such as Bitcoin, and  Ethereum have gained mainstream interest over the past year, and a large number of new currencies have cropped up (Wikipedia estimates the number of new coin offerings at approximately 20 per month), alt [...]

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CoinDash Hack Emphasizes ICO Security Concerns

CoinDash's initial coin offering (ICO) was called to an abrupt halt on Monday, accompanied by the acknowledgment that the project's token sale had been compromised by hackers. An urgent warning was issued to investors, notifying them of the security breach, and asking them to cease all transfer of funds through the addresses listed [...]

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Incentive-Based Crypto: How CORION is Inspiring Users

Everyday citizens have been slow to accept cryptocurrency as away to invest and spend their hard-earned dollars – and it's not difficult to understand why. Earning money with most cryptocurrencies is hard – partly because of the complexity posed by industry jargon and difficult-to-use wallets and exchanges, and partly due to the volatile [...]

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Why Hasn’t Crypto Gained Mainstream Support?

Despite the fact that some early adopters have made a mint in crypto, mainstream users have been slow to accept Bitcoin, digital tokens, or alt coins as currency. This phenomenon seems to baffle cryptocurrency's main proponents – a small (but dedicated) constituent of tech-savvy users, who consistently champion the medium's value as a [...]

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Original is on www.huffingtonpost.com,  New ICO Promises Mainstream Adoption of Cryptocurrencies 像比特币和以太币这样的加币数字货币,在宏观层面上具有潜在的变革性,但是对于大多数人讲个人了解加密货币是很有难度的。的确,由比特币及其底层技术创造的机会,仅仅有八百万到一千万人(少于全球人口的1%)在利用。而且这个数字的一大部分是由政府机构、证券交易所、银行、金融服务机构和创业公司组成。 对于大多数人来讲,区块链技术是很难掌握的。而且挖矿所需的密码学知识也是难以学习的,所以加密数字货币的挖矿是具有难度的。比特币和以太币是相对流行的加密货币,然而新出现的数字钱包没有安装手册,没有一个单独的平台处理普通用户的中心化交易,全球经济环境下货币统一的进程仍然很缓慢。然后,在世界金融服务发生过那么多的事件后,也许还有希望—来自瑞士的希望。     Corion是一个在以太坊经典区块链上运行的统一的、无监管的、去中心化的移动加密货币平台,正在进行ICO。如果你购买,将会拿到3-25%的奖励,而且早期购买者在ICO期间可以赢得0.2%的日收入,服务提供商在现有的0-2.5%的代币供应增长中期能够有5-10倍的回报。 ICO同时给服务供应商和消费者一个用新的代币投资的机会,他们可以帮助建立Corion 社区,而且公司和个人之间可以在Corion这个多功能平台上交易。这种方式安全、快捷、用户可以用Corion代币实时交易。 针对当下整个区块链的大环境,Corion想减轻的是现在加密数字货币在中心化和借贷环境下整体的运营。这些加密货币的价值是不稳定的,尤其是比特币在过去几年里各种硬分叉的争议,尽管以太币作为比特币潜在不确定的继承者兴起。掌控这样的不稳定性是加密数字货币的稀缺价值,因为只有那么多的译解密码者和开发者能够挖矿和流通数字货币,而需求显然不能使这个等式平衡。而且,现在全球只有1%的人在参与使用虚拟数字货币,对大多数人来讲是短期的、投机性收入,还没有到转变为普遍可以接受的水平。窗体顶端窗体底端     Corion的主要目标是创造一个基于区块链的去中心化加密货币生态系统,对比现有的法币来驱动基于代币奖励的需求。这个通过Corion平台可以接入的系统,集中在如何使加币数字货币进入主流应用,通过社区管理使它从短期的投机性收入转变为连续的被动收入。而且,Corion由独立的智能合约构成,由Solidity语音执行,实现最大的透明度和信任度。 Corion创造了一个系统和一整套的服务,与华尔街投资银行像CITI和BNY Mellon提供的新兴的区块链服务竞争。Corion的集中支付、金融、交易功能都可以在单个平台上由使用者处理。同时,Corion 的开发者正在研究B2B来提高所有加密数字货币的整体用户基数,这是迄今为止没有公司可以做到的。这种创新的商业模式促进了跨币种交易、网络钱包和平台的合作与协同。 为促进加密数字货币到主流应用的转换,Corion平台突出了七个特点使普通用户更加容易体验加密数字货币。这些特点包括促成交易的一个集市,推动主流应用的一个稳定的货币,一个用户奖励系统(基于先令点的允许用户增长他们的Corion币的系统),一个可以在平台作为主要界面的多功能钱包。 目前,加密货币的战争仍在进行中。Corion有非常好的愿景,我们将会持续关注我们的这个创新的平台能否改变加密的世界。 Source: H. Caleb Simmons, Contributor - www.huffingtonpost.com Want to learn more about CORION platform? Visit our website.

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Криптовалюта, устойчивая к спекуляциям: как Corion хочет заработать миллионы, привязав курс к доллару

https://geektimes.ru/post/291343/ Cсамого своего появления, криптовалюты сравнивали с обычными монетами и драгметаллами. С началом бума ICO сравнение обрело новую глубину: можно сказать, что стремление поднять денег на Initial Coin Offering обрело масштабы золотой лихорадки — новые ICO запускаются каждый день, а число желающих угадать, какая ставка их озолотит — не уменьшается. На этом фоне [...]

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