What Crypto and the Commodore 64 Have in Common

What Crypto and the Commodore 64 Have in Common | CORION While a few digital currencies such as Bitcoin, and  Ethereum have gained mainstream interest over the past year, and a large number of new currencies have cropped up (Wikipedia estimates the number of new coin offerings at approximately 20 per month), alt [...]

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CoinDash Hack Emphasizes ICO Security Concerns

CoinDash's initial coin offering (ICO) was called to an abrupt halt on Monday, accompanied by the acknowledgment that the project's token sale had been compromised by hackers. An urgent warning was issued to investors, notifying them of the security breach, and asking them to cease all transfer of funds through the addresses listed [...]

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Криптовалюта, устойчивая к спекуляциям: как Corion хочет заработать миллионы, привязав курс к доллару

https://geektimes.ru/post/291343/ Cсамого своего появления, криптовалюты сравнивали с обычными монетами и драгметаллами. С началом бума ICO сравнение обрело новую глубину: можно сказать, что стремление поднять денег на Initial Coin Offering обрело масштабы золотой лихорадки — новые ICO запускаются каждый день, а число желающих угадать, какая ставка их озолотит — не уменьшается. На этом фоне [...]

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ICO 신규상장 기업 , 대중화를 약속하다

비트코인이나 이더리움 같은 가상화폐는 거시적으로 볼때 많은 변화를 가져왔으나 미시적으로는 많은 사람들이 아직 쉽게 접하지 못하고 있습니다. 실제로도, 블록체인을 핵심기술로 기반으로한 비트코인은 아직 팔백만명에서 천만명정도 (세계 1%도 안되는 인구)만이 사용하고 있고, 이 인구수도 대부분 정부기관, 증권거래소, 은행, 금융회사 및 스타트업 등 전문기관으로 이루어져 있습니다.   대부분의 사람들에겐 블록체인 기술은 이해하기 어려운 내용이며, 암호화 [...]

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CORION Sets World on Fire

It is reposted from https://issuu.com/icocrowd,  CORION Sets World on Fire - page #38.   ICO June 18 - July 30, 2017 More than $1,000,000 raised so far   "CORION eliminates the guesswork for coin holders who typically monitor exchange rates closely in order to know when and where to use cryptocurrency."       [...]

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