CORION Announcement – Wallet Unlock

The CORION ICO said to be quite unique from many aspects. The main thing is while the most of the ICOs says that they will develop a product, the CORION was ready with a complete product by the end of the ICO. We have been paying a special attention to support all CORIONers from the [...]

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CORION Announcement 11-10-2017

CORION Platform is a disruptive system, and it is unique of its kind in the world. As a pioneer project it has to face unprecedented challenges while cutting through the unknown to reach the final goal; a better and more fair world. You, the member of this community have joined this mission because [...]

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Is It Time to Move Part of Your Portfolio to Bitcoin?

It is reposted from,  Is It Time to Move Part of Your Portfolio to Bitcoin? There’s no denying that the stock market has had an excellent year. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has seen gains to its highest-ever levels, crossing over 21,800 in recent trading. The Nasdaq has come slightly off its highest point, but still [...]

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Fair distribution of wealth – with a cryptocurrency?

What it takes to feel blessed...   So-Said Charity Organization in one of the slums of Lagos/Nigeria  is capable of providing only very poor living conditions for orphans and handicapped, vulnerable adults. We all know that occasional grants would not offer the required and sustainable quantity  and quality  of food and acceptable environment. [...]

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What Crypto and the Commodore 64 Have in Common

What Crypto and the Commodore 64 Have in Common | CORION While a few digital currencies such as Bitcoin, and  Ethereum have gained mainstream interest over the past year, and a large number of new currencies have cropped up (Wikipedia estimates the number of new coin offerings at approximately 20 per month), alt [...]

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CoinDash Hack Emphasizes ICO Security Concerns

CoinDash's initial coin offering (ICO) was called to an abrupt halt on Monday, accompanied by the acknowledgment that the project's token sale had been compromised by hackers. An urgent warning was issued to investors, notifying them of the security breach, and asking them to cease all transfer of funds through the addresses listed [...]

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