Is It Time to Move Part of Your Portfolio to Bitcoin?

It is reposted from,  Is It Time to Move Part of Your Portfolio to Bitcoin? There’s no denying that the stock market has had an excellent year. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has seen gains to its highest-ever levels, crossing over 21,800 in recent trading. The Nasdaq has come slightly off its highest point, but still [...]

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Fair distribution of wealth – with a cryptocurrency?

What it takes to feel blessed...   So-Said Charity Organization in one of the slums of Lagos/Nigeria  is capable of providing only very poor living conditions for orphans and handicapped, vulnerable adults. We all know that occasional grants would not offer the required and sustainable quantity  and quality  of food and acceptable environment. [...]

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9 Must have tips for securing your crypto wallet

Security in the techno-savvy world is very complex. It seems that nearly every day there’s another report of a major hacking or ransomware violation. And as the number of hacks increase, consumer desires for security increase as well. The promise of blockchain technology and the power of cryptocurrencies is their security. Blockchain makes [...]

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CORION ICO has just ended – Announcement

Dear CORION Member, CORION ICO ended successfully on August 27 at 00:00 AM (CEST). We highly appreciate your precious contribution during our ICO which has been a huge achievement. We are proud to have reached our goal, thanks to the support of the 1,404 members who joined the Platform.   What is going [...]

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CORION – Bridging the gap between the crypto and the real world

It is reposted from, CORION – Bridging the gap between the crypto and the real world   Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain tech have slowly but steadily earned their place in many technological verticals and contributed to high-level disruption in these industries. However, when it comes to their day to day applications in real [...]

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Twitter Bounty Hunter – play & gain

Gaming period: 6-20th aug 2017. (20 tweets) Rules: Follow us on Twitter. ( Retweet and like at least 8 dedicated tweets → 20 CORIONs. (~20 USD) Retweet and like all 20 dedicated tweets → 75 CORIONs. (~75 USD) Dedicated tweets will have this logo on the picture:   14 tweets are published at [...]

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Taking Cryptocurrency Mainstream

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. You understand, at least to a degree, the transformative power they promise. But the best data suggests that less than one percent of the world’s population are using blockchain and cryptocurrency in any form. Why is that? We at CORION [...]

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See What the Media’s Saying About CORION

Since our ICO launched on June 18, we’ve raised over $2 million dollars, and word is spreading about CORION. Take a look at some of our mentions in the press and cryptosphere:   “Corion has created an ecosystem and suite of services that rival emerging blockchain services offered by bulge-bracket banks like Citi [...]

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Facebook Bounty Hunter – WINNERS

CORION Bounty Hunter Program was closed. Facebook bounty campaign run in the last two weeks was closed yesterday. The list of successful participants is available in this google sheets   If you are on the list of WINNERS, please send us a private message on Facebook and provide the requested details for the [...]

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