Become your own banker (without getting hacked!) part #3

In our previous posts (available here, on the CORION blog, part #1, part #2), we covered some issues which require your attention, in order to handle your personal cryptocurrency banking responsibly.

In this message, we’ll reveal a surprising security issue discovered by the CORION team, which might leave your cryptocurrency wallet and personal data exposed. If your e-wallet developer has failed to address this serious vulnerability, unauthorized persons may gain access to highly sensitive data – such as your account password, or even your private keys – despite your best efforts to protect them.

In the ever constant war of competition, many e-wallet providers will go to great lengths to gain customer attention – which often means collecting more and more data about their customers’ behaviour.

It may surprise you to learn just how much data might be captured, simply by visiting a provider’s website. Very often, the website developers (or even the service providers, themselves) don’t know, either! But those who are experts at data mining and fishing are definitely up-to-date on the most recent solutions and technology available – and there is no way to determine exactly who is viewing your information.

Those who are familiar with the most recent advancements in marketing know how to leverage the “learn your customers” industry – and you might be surprised how easy it is for them to gain access to your sensitive data, through the use of perfectly legal tactics and applications.


Security should be top priority – but, unfortunately, in a decentralized world there are no unified standards in place to protect your assets. Which means that the responsibility for deciding where to keep your money (and how to keep it safe!) falls to you – the user.

This short video demonstrates the threats you are currently up against. We hope it helps illustrate the importance of choosing an e-wallet provider who proves their dedication to protecting your cryptocurrency assets, by adopting the utmost in safety and security standards.



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How corion wallet protects you from hackers

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