CORION Announcement 17-09-2017

Since ICO ended successfully on 27th August, CORION has been focusing on new features relating to the CORION Wallet or to next building blocks of CORION Platform.

After a short term of transition period closing all pending issues of the ICO, all our energy is devoted to building a strong community and to bringing the benefits of CORION Platform as many people as possible.


New functions of CORION Wallet

Now, on a peer to peer basis you can send and receive COR coin. You can even test it by sending some COR to your own address. :)

Note, if you registered before 15th July, you need to unlock your wallet “from Watch only” to “For use”. Please find step-by-step instructions under the Make address capable to send CORION – Address import point on our support site,

To extend the above mentioned usability of CORION, we are working on getting listed on cryptocurrency exchange. The first listing will happen on Cryptopia soon.

Note, you can help us speed up the process by sending a ticket to Cryptopia support, or by twitting on Twitter requesting the listing. The more they receive, the sooner the listing can happen.


You can also increase your wallet security. Under Wallet Settings point in the menu you can find new options to make you wallet even more secure.

  • Two factor authentication. You can turn on two factor authentication by using Google Authenticator.
  • cID. We strongly recommend to set cID to make your Wallet much safer. You can give PIN numbers or password as cID. But watch out, if you set it, all your address will be encrypted with it, and cID will be required for every transaction, so do not forget it!


Upcoming features of CORION Platform

Service Provider. Shortly, you will be able to join to or become a Service Provider and to enjoy all the benefits of building business on CORION Platform, starting with daily coin release based on the demand..


Community Leaders’ Meet-up

CORION Community Leaders will meet up in Dubai between 22nd and 25th September.

The strategy of spreading CORION world-wide, the short-term next steps of the roadmap and how we want to triple the CORION market cap until end of this year will be presented and discussed.

Who are qualified to this event on last days of the ICO, are already contacted.

If you want to participate on the leaders event on your own expense, please write an email to

Be informed about CORION features and you will be able to take benefits as the hyper growth starts.

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