How CORION Wallet Protects YOU From Hackers

Most e-wallet providers are capable of recording any activity which occurs through their websites – without even notifying the user! Think this sounds crazy? Well, you’re right – but it’s also true. (Watch our exploratory video, here.)

While you’re going about your business, someone else may be viewing or recording your sensitive data. Some very private information might be exposed – including your password, access codes, brainwallet passphrases, or even your private keys.

Some very simple code can leave your information exposed to prying eyes, and it is very simply integrated with most e-wallet websites – either directly, or via Google Tag Manager. Which means your private details may already have been revealed.


It is extremely difficult to prove which sites are aware of this vulnerability, which may have allowed these applications to run in the background, and (more importantly) who might be abusing this data.

Remember, your personal information is closely tied to your assets – and your money is only as secure as the data which safeguards it. Leaving that information exposed is like leaving your wallet or purse on a park bench – you never know who might stroll behind you, and pick it up.


Every user should carefully consider whether or not they are comfortable exposing themselves to such risk – however, your e-wallet provider should hold themselves to the highest standards in safety and security, if they want to keep your business.

No matter where the vulnerability lies, or how small the risk of exposure may be, all sensitive data must remain hidden. That means that your private information should be free from the prying eyes of marketing agencies, developers, or even the e-wallet provider, themselves.


We believe that every e-wallet provider should shoulder the burden of proving that all necessary measures have been taken to protect their users against security vulnerabilities such as this – which is why the CORION Team guarantees that sensitive data is accessible only by the user.

Our technology allows users to be verified in an isolated environment, so their information remains hidden from all prying eyes and recording devices. This innovation allows us to deliver a higher level of sensitive data management – making the cryptocurrency world a much safer place for our users.

CORION has made security our top priority, because the safety of your assets and personal information is important to us.

But we don’t just stop there. In order to contribute to the greater good of the cryptocurrency community, we’ve published our security measures open-source, in hopes of raising the bar for other e-wallet providers.


CORION’s Safety Look Solution is changing the world of crypto, as we know it. It is the perfect answer to the challenge of prying eyes – and keeps your information safe, by using a two-fold system designed to keep your private details private.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Safety Look functions, read more here. ( ) Otherwise, stay tuned for more details, and additional hints on keeping your assets and information secure.


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