Support mobile shopping (and higher profit)!

Many businesses who operate in volatile markets are turning to cryptocurrencies, in order to support a better user experience, while ensuring higher (and more stable) profits.

But, how?


Joining forces with a cryptocurrency provider such as CORION is not only convenient for customers (who can now pay from their mobile phones, with the click of a button), it helps businesses grow by increasing their reach.

Generating traffic on the CORION Platform also helps stabilize the exchange rate of CORION to FIAT currencies, like USD or EUR. When volatility is low, customers benefit from this reduced risk – they worry less, because they know their assets will retain their value from day to day. This means they can rely on CORION for use in their retail shopping and daily needs.

One innovative business which will benefit from the increased traffic and profits offered by CORION is Kaavwin, a Nigerian eCommerce company which has already made moves to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and TheBillionCoin (TBC).

Kaavwin’s online webshop already offers customers convenient access to a wide range of retail items, from clothing, to housewares and electronic goods. They pride themselves on offering discounts and deals ranging from 30-80% off retail price, on a large selection of top-notch items.

Their decision to join with CORION Marketplace will allow Kaavwin to offer their products to CORION members at even lower rates, without a reduction in profit.

As a CORION Service Provider, they’ll not only benefit from increased access to customers worldwide, they will also receive extra profits and incentives offered by CORION’s daily coin release program. CORION’s built-in profit sharing features will also allow them to continue passing these benefits on to their customers – so everyone wins.

And, this is just the beginning! As the use of cryptocurrencies for everyday retail and mobile shopping increases, so will the benefits offered to businesses.





If you’re interested in setting your eCommerce business up for success, don’t miss this opportunity to provide more value to your customers. Join the CORION Platform now, and offer your customers lower prices (with more profit) – today!


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