Want to pay for your taxi with cryptocurrency?

Soon, you’ll be able to!


CORION and Smart Cab Nigeria have just signed a strategic agreement, in order to make this a reality.


The first transportation company to join CORION Marketplace, Smart Cab Nigeria is offering its customers a much more comfortable and convenient ride – at a reduced price.

Smart Cab Nigeria has a long-standing mission – to make the lives of others simple, efficient, and stress-free. Like CORION, they envision a world where technology and design are seamlessly intertwined, bringing together a unique user experience – and they strive to achieve this goal each and every day.


Joining the CORION marketplace is a win-win situation for everyone involved. As a CORION Service Provider, Smart Cab Nigeria is entitled to collect a daily coin release of up to 2.5%. They are then entitled to share this profit with their customers – which helps them add additional value to those who choose to use their services, and further supports their growth as a premier provider of taxi and transportation services.


More than 25,000 Smart Cab customers will now be able to enjoy the higher level of service and convenience offered by paying with cryptocurrency, as well as the additional benefits and reduced rates enjoyed by those who partner with the CORION network.



If you’d like to learn more about how you can take your business to the next level – click here to read our recent whitepaper, or join the CORION Platform now.


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