CORION Announcement 11-10-2017

CORION Platform is a disruptive system, and it is unique of its kind in the world. As a pioneer project it has to face unprecedented challenges while cutting through the unknown to reach the final goal; a better and more fair world.

You, the member of this community have joined this mission because we all want to have a different life; to be free from daily money issues and live in a supportive, friendly environment.
We have allied ourselves to grow this community and involve more and more people.
However, we all know, or at least suspect, it is a long–term project and needs lots of tolerance and understanding from both the management/developers and the members as well.
It is quite true especially at the beginning until CORION is on its seamless track.

The real value of CORION Platform is its community, a symbiotic relationship among the members, kept alive by the coin. The price issue we are facing is caused by those who do not understand: CORION was developed for the long term, and profit is generated by the increasing community.

The stability of every currency and financial system is based on trust. The bottom line is if those who are part of the system don’t believe in the value of the asset they own, no way anything could stabilize any system that lacks confidence, whatever automated mechanism they run. 

The built-in mechanism to control the coin release is “switched on” and is doing its job properly.
Namely, it does not allow any coin release, on the contrary the coins are being burnt.
It is the community who must decide whether this is really what they want.



Because it is in your best short and long term interest.

With the help of CORION, it’s easy to make a regular and predictable passive income, just by connecting to a service provider with your capital. The fact that your coins will always be worth 1 USD ensures you extra security in today’s volatile crypto market. You will see your growing number of COR day-by-day. Spending the newly released coins instead of draining your base capital would serve your best interests. This is how you can make your money work for you and not vice-versa.

As you may know from the Whitepaper, the Stability Fund’s job is to help keep the price around 1 USD when a manual intervention is necessary. It doesn’t mean that each and every selling bid below 1 USD will be redeemed. We believe that the best practice proven for so long is that the free market should adjust the price in long term. The Fund is just to kick-start and give the direction for the market.

CORION has been tradeable on Cryptopia since last week against BTC, LTC and DOGE. In the previous days we have successfully funded CORION’s Cryptopia account, and we are in the final phase of an automated trading bot deployment, which will facilitate to keep the price around 1 USD. This bot is to be launched this week, and this will entail the price stabilization very soon.

1 COR is always 1 USD, even if the price on the exchange is fluctuating.

The community, the users of CORION are the strongest pillars of stability for the Platform. The key figures are always the people, exactly the same scenario as in the case of any other system.


How can you support building the community and generate coin emission?

CORION’s real value is its COMMUNITY. CORION has been created by people for people. Every community member has the power to influence the movement of the Platform. If each of us makes just one step in order to spread out the word about COR, our community will be skyrocketing and generating huge demand for COR, keeping the price consistently above 1 USD  As a result, new CORIONS will be generated by the price stabilization algorithm. It’s important to know that each COR holder who joined a service provider is rewarded with newly released coins. Keep your COR in your wallet all the time and be connected to a service provider to be entitled to the newly released coins. If you keep CORIONS with an exchange you will not receive the newly released coins on those COR.


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Dear still have the opportunity to purchase tokens COR at a price below $1 and after you start getting issue with tokens!

CORION price is increasing…do not miss this opportunity.. buy it and hold it… let`s have emission reward :-) 

We acknowledge your activity building CORION Community.

By Huffington Post CORION is foreseen as the fundamental pillar of a new economic and financial era that we can pass on to our children as a real value legacy.

Let us appreciate the incredible value and potential power we have in our hands, and use it for the benefit of all.




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