CORION Announcement – Wallet Unlock

The CORION ICO said to be quite unique from many aspects.

The main thing is while the most of the ICOs says that they will develop a product, the CORION was ready with a complete product by the end of the ICO.

We have been paying a special attention to support all CORIONers from the beginning. We continuously extend our website which contains direct answers and guidelines for most of the problems (more than 95% of them) could occur. We continuously developing our customer service system and we also answer the individual questions about in 8 hours and find the solution for individual challenges about in 24 hours.

So we are proud to say that our background system is one of the bests.

We work so hard to find the solution for every problem that occurs on the field of the development. We intend to manage all deficiencies to be better and better. We can state that our system is safe and stable!

We feel the highest respect for all CORIONers, for those who see our future as we see it, those who see that the CORION will going to execute the mission to be the „new generation of payment asset”.

Unfortunately – in spite of our direct and repetitive warnings – during the time of ICO several users excluded themselves from the access of their CORION wallet.

But how could it possibly happen? Well, they missed to do the following safety methods simultaneously:

  • to save the JSON file
  • to remember the password
  • to note the brain wallet words
  • to write the private key down

The main message of the blockchain system for everybody is short and simple: be your own banker! This message means that you hold your own money. We do not hold the private secret data of the any CORIONer; this is their responsibility to take care. It is not a CORION specific thing; it is the same with all the blockchain based systems.

So, we really feel sorry about those who excluded themselves, but we also have to declare that this is not our responsibility – and neither our task to solve all this. We do not know any developer – neither in ETC, BTC nor in any other blockchain system – who stand in the gap instead of any user who acted in a negligent way and excluded him/herself from the system (for ex. lost the private key).

It is not hard to see that this people suffer from their own negligence, now. This is a high rate to pay for this lesson.

But we also have the purpose to prove that we believe every CORIONer is the part of our community and our community is really important for us. That’s why we intend to find the solution for all users to access their CORION wallet. This requires hard work, extra energy and money as well. And also takes more time.

So we made a decision: Although it is not our obligation or responsibility, we are to help all CORIONers who submitted their case to the support team with detailed explanation.On the other side, we have to ask your patience. We are on the right way to fix it soon.

According to this above, we ask everybody to spread the reputation of CORION in all forums, telling everyone that CORION is here with a complete and very well-functioning product, and also ready to help the users with a great support team. CORION is the new generation of payment assets!

Spreading our reputation is the well-known interest of all CORIONers.



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