Gergo is onboard

Hello Corioners,


We started this journey not long ago but the future is already looking promising. We are about to build a community which belief in sustainable growth and a cryptocurrency what’s going to keep its value like a crypto never did before. As our team is growing too, from now on we will share the profiles of new and the “veteran” founders and members of this dedicated team.

We are happy to announce firstly in here that a former Uber employee (who was in the first 1000 hire globally) joining our board as CMO. He was running the marketing and business development initiatives in CEE of the car-hailing company for more than 2,5 years and built up communities the sizes of 200,000 from scratch. Please welcome Gergo Szoke who is already started working on the new breeze of marketing activities of Corion.

“Giving up is not my thing so I often challenge the status quo. Probably this is why I am always searching for disruptive technologies and companies that could change traditional industries. Corion is definitely one of them and I am happy to join to the board and eager to make this venture one of the best companies in the crypto world with the help of the founders” – said Gergo

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