CORION at Fintech Week

A passion for Fintech, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency technology have led the founders of CORION to imagine a future in which crypto is the primary method of exchange for all businesses and consumers. But they’re not just daydreaming –  in fact, they’ve spent the last few years enthusiastically leveraging the skills, knowledge, and resources to pursue the solutions which will make this dream a reality.


Enter CORION – a new cryptocurrency built on the blockchain. Currently in the fourth week of their ICO offering, CORION is already in high demand – with $2M USD in support collected from early participants.


But, how has CORION gained such interest in such a short time? By meeting some of the greatest challenges currently facing the cryptocurrency industry head-on. In a recent interview with Block Tribune, co-founder Miklos Denkler describes a few of the key features which set CORION apart from all other cryptocurrency tokens or coins offered, to date.


The first (and possibly most unusual) is the introduction of a stable-rate coin, designed to circumvent the price volatility which has kept most businesses and everyday users from warming up to digital currencies.


Still, the most noteworthy quality of CORION may be its accessibility. Denkler is a passionate supporter of the concept that, in order to gain widespread use and adoption, cryptocurrencies need to stop exclusively courting tech-savvy investors, and start creating a space for everyday users.


In his own words, “CORION was designed to create community. We invite customers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and financial service providers to participate in one marketplace – where everyone has the opportunity to engage, and benefit from the growing demand for use of the platform. In fact, we encourage anyone who is part of the CORION community to start their own business on the platform, as they’ll gain immediate access to a thriving collective of customers, suppliers, and affiliates.”


At every opportunity, Denkler enthusiastically shares the inspiration for CORION’s innovative platform, describes the principles upon which the platform is based, and outlines the unique features which will help CORION achieve its vision of stability and accessibility – revolutionizing the Fintech industry.


This week, CORION’s founding staff will be attending London’s Fintech Week. For those interested in attending, connecting, and learning more about how CORION’s ICO is setting a new standard in the cryptocurrency space, tickets can be purchased directly through the Fintech Week site. And, to take their mission of accessibility one step further, CORION is offering a special code which can be used to obtain a discount for attendees of the event.

If you are unable to attend Fintech Week in person, you can still learn more about CORION’s vision, platform, and ICO here.

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