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ICO June 18 – July 30, 2017

More than $1,000,000 raised so far


“CORION eliminates the guesswork for coin holders who typically monitor exchange rates closely in order to know when and where to use cryptocurrency.”

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Taking Cryptocurrency Mainstream by a Stable-Rate Token

Bitcoin has been heralded as a disruptive alternative to traditional money and banking for years now. Enthusiasts enjoy its inexpensive fees and fast delivery. Investors like that it has generally increased in value – rising from $200 per Bitcoin just a few years ago to nearly $3,000 now. Still, many mainstream populations have been weary of putting their hard-earned money into a speculative asset. What if the so-called bubble bursts, or another Mt. Gox sends Bitcoin into a tailspin? Could a new currency be the counterpoint to Bitcoin’s troubles, and present benefits compelling enough to take cryptocurrency mainstream?

CORION is the first stable-price token built to eliminate the guesswork that comes with fluctuating prices. Built on Ethereum Classic, its algorithm enables special automated inflation-deflation control, assuring stability of the CORION token as a stable means of payment worldwide. This concept is disruptive to the industry because traditionally, all cryptocurrencies have been speculative. Investors put money into them with hopes that their value will increase. In many cases, it does. But that speculation has kept key players, like business owners, hesitant to participate in this new frontier.

What is CORION ?

Stable price digital currency:

When cryptocurrencies are stable, people are more likely to use them for payments. You wouldn’t want to spend a digital asset that you believe will double or triple in value over time. Instead, you want to spend something — like the U.S. dollar or many other national currencies — that you believe will hold a very similar value in the future.

We have special automated inflation-deflation control assures the stability of CORION (the token), the payment medium of the Platform. The token is demand-based. That’s part of what makes CORION so compelling. If the price of CORION rises above $1 on the main exchanges signalling a demand for more tokens, the system will release a maximum 2.5 percent additional tokens daily. On the other hand, if the price of CORION token drops below $1 on the main exchanges, signalling there are more coins in circulation than needed, token  release will stop until the demand will take it to $1 or above. To make sure the system works, set fees are calculated after each transaction and later burned to make sure they never appear in the system again to cause additional token supply not based on demand.

Due to CORION’s stable price products and services can be widely distributed with no fear of losing money due to currency price fluctuations.

Multifunctional Wallet:

Our easy-to-use, secure and convenient wallet is the main interface of the platform ensuring the tools and backup for all users to transact in the top cryptocurrencies. Our unique payment gateway facilitates the massive mainstream adaption of cryptocurrency.

Built-In P2P Exchange:

Based on smart contracts, our decentralized exchange offers all the necessary anti-theft security measures. We will start by offering the ETC/COR pair and shortly thereafter also offer the most widespread cryptocurrencies.

Incentive-based Daily Reward System:

You can become a Service Provider if you purchase 3,000 Corions at least and the others users who are linked to you are rewarded for being active on the platform on a daily basis. Users earn interest through Service Providers without having to deposit or to pledge their tokens. The token supply reward is allocated by an appropriate, fair and transparent system. Instead of risky margin trading one can earn as much as 2.5% release daily profit.

Business opportunity

Business owners can join the CORION community as Service Providers to grow their businesses on both a local and global level. CORION provides rewards through affiliate  and bounty programs and communities that generate more demand for the Platform. As business and interest grows, so does the token  supply, fueling the system and allowing users to earn daily rewards from staying active in the community. By incentivizing CORION holders through participation in the community rather than mere speculation on volatility, CORION presents a truly groundbreaking concept for which cryptocurrency can be taken mainstream.

CORION Premium Token:

Our premium token entitles investors to get extra benefits from the CORION ecosystem.     ICO investors will receive one CORION Premium Token for every 5,000 regular CORION tokens purchased. CORION Premium Tokens will become highly valued tokens in your portfolio of crypto investments.

CORION Gamification:

Users earn tokens as they learn how the platform works with entertaining activities and games. In order to get the best mainstream adoption, it is essential to educate and inspire potential users to get involved. The CORION Game is not only for fun; it is an integral part of the token price stabilizing mechanism.

Why join ICO now?

It is always good to be among the first in a new business and so it is with CORION.

You can earn 3-20% bonus as an ICO Investor. The 20% bonus is valid till June 24 after that it decreases by 3% every week. Your CORION tokens will be deposited directly in your CORION Wallet. During the ICO  you will earn 0.20% daily for being an early investor and you can get additional tokens by referring  your friends to join the ICO crowdsale.

Check our Groundbreaking Concept in Cryptocurrency out

CORION ICO Promises a Big Future for Crypto World,  Come and Join Us!


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