Fair distribution of wealth – with a cryptocurrency?

What it takes to feel blessed…


So-Said Charity Organization in one of the slums of Lagos/Nigeria  is capable of providing only very poor living conditions for orphans and handicapped, vulnerable adults.

We all know that occasional grants would not offer the required and sustainable quantity  and quality  of food and acceptable environment. Yet, today all these homes are obliged to solicit alms.  However, what  would really be ideal for them is  La Fontaine’s Golden Goose or ’the Wishing-Table’ and ’the Gold-Ass’ from Grimms’ fairy tale…


What  if there existed one thing that could provide those limitless resources off the fairy tale realm? What if all that was based on a cryptocurrency?


You may be shaking your head, doubtfully…What? A cryptocurrency as a sustainable resource of goods and value? Let’s dig a little deeper.


Let’s assume ’The MagicBank’ opens an account for the Charity Home’s benefit,  and  funds it with 5,000 dollars. In addition, it grants a daily interest up to 2.5% as part of the bank’s plan. There is one caveat, though; the 5,000 dollars cannot be spent or withdrawn, this amount is meant  purely for the daily interest generation. This way the daily interests – due to the power of compounding –  will accumulate in a  significant  and sustainable monthly budget for the Charity Home to spend,  while  the base capital is retained to create the next month’s budget .


Believe it or not, the ’MagicBank’ exists,  it is called CORION Platform.


August 22nd 2017 –  the very last day of their ICO roadshow in Nigeria, the  CORION Platform  granted the So-Said Charity Home a Special Donation Package, which is unique of its kind :

  • a Service Provider position worth  of 3,000 COR, and
  • a multifunctional CORION wallet with 5,000 COR deposited in it.


The  Service Provider position is the ultimate resource  of a regular income from the daily coin release, which is up to 2.5% per day. What that means is that the Charity Home may draw 125 COR per day based on the 5,000 COR  balance in their wallet, or by the end of the month considering the power of compounding, the balance can even double.

To make the most of being a Service Provider the Charity Home is encouraged to invite their suppliers and other  merchants to join the CORION community and accept COR as a means of payment. This is very advantegeous for both the Charity Home and the merchants as well, thanks to the stable price  of the coin; 1COR=1USD

What made the event even more special was the engagement from the CORION  Nigerian and African Ambassadors side, as well as the participation of  CORION’s  new strategic partners.  The joint contribution of the  300 kg of rice and the several  boxes of noodles were just a drop in the ocean and apparently do not resolve the daily struggle for life in the long run.


I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to represent CORION Platform at this tremendously emotional, and at the same time joyous event, and it’s something that I will personally never forget.

Yes, it takes  so little to feel blessed…

I invite you to find out more how YOU or your company can  give donations without spending a penny from your pocket and enrich your life with the sublime experiences  all those moments of giving offer…

                                                                 –  Ida Froyda

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