See What the Media’s Saying About CORION

Since our ICO launched on June 18, we’ve raised over $2 million dollars, and word is spreading about CORION. Take a look at some of our mentions in the press and cryptosphere:


“Corion has created an ecosystem and suite of services that rival emerging blockchain services offered by bulge-bracket banks like Citi and BNY Mellon, integrating payment, finance, and trading functionalities on its singular mobile platform, accessible by any user. At the same time, Corion’s developers are working B2B to increase the total user base of all cryptocurrencies, something no company has done until now. This innovative business model encourages cross-currency exchange, and inter-wallet and inter-platform cooperation and synergy.”

—The Huffington Post []


“CORION is the gateway to the crypto world aiming to boost mainstream adaptation with its easy-to-use interface and arsenal of crypto features all in one place.”

—Blockchain News []


“Created on Ethereum Classic, the CORION stable-price tag coin gets rid of the guesswork that will come with fluctuating coin prices. Its algorithm allows specific automated inflation-deflation handle, assuring balance for the CORION Coin made use of as a stable usually means of payment throughout the world.”

—Ethereum Best []


“CORION’s system features a stable price point against the USD and relies on demand-based coin emissions within the CORION community, which offers a helpful contrast to the fixed coin supply and fluctuating rates of cryptocurrencies in the current system.”

—Bitcoinist []


“The Corion Ecosystem offers comfortable, secure, and fast financial transactions between members using the CORION token, which is the stable means of payment in the platform.”

—Applancer []


“CORION’s promise is undeniable, and this forward-facing cryptocurrency’s success could prove a victory for the entire crypto world.”



“The CORION Platform includes a marketplace, incentives, multifunctional wallet, built-in P2P exchange, gamification, and its stable-price coin.”

—Cryptoninjas []

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