Taking Cryptocurrency Mainstream

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re familiar with blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. You understand, at least to a degree, the transformative power they promise. But the best data suggests that less than one percent of the world’s population are using blockchain and cryptocurrency in any form. Why is that? We at CORION are here to break it down for you and explain how we’re going to solve the adoption problem.

Part of the problem is that the technology is relatively new. Satoshi Nakamoto’s now-famous whitepaper(https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf) was published in 2008, less than ten years ago. Also, while the concept of a blockchain elegantly solves simultaneous problems of security, identity, and resource allocation, it isn’t actually simple.

Still, people adopt new technology with remarkable speed when shown how it will benefit them. And if understanding everything about how a technology worked was the bar to using it, most of us would still be stuck with paper and pen.

No, it’s not the length of time it’s been around or the inherent complexity: the biggest reason people haven’t been adopting cryptocurrency is because it’s not easy to use. The barrier to entry is high, requiring serious commitment and tech-savviness. Which exchange do you use? What wallet? How much jargon do you need to learn? What was that about hacks again? It’s daunting!

That’s precisely where CORION comes in. Designed to solve as many of these issues as possible in one swoop, CORION is a multifunctional platform for businesses and individuals to join and build a worldwide decentralized network. At every step, we’re taking into account the barrier to entry and how the user experience will feel to someone completely new to the cryptosphere.

Here are some of the ways we’ve designed CORION to take cryptocurrency mainstream:


  1. Multifunctional, flexible wallet – We are designing the CORION wallet to work with most fiat and cryptocurrencies, meaning fewer tools, apps, and sites are needed to do what you want to do with your cryptocurrency.


  1. Wallet functions as POS (point of sale) software – As digital currency proliferates, the adoption problem gets bigger. No merchant is going to set up 20 different ways to accept 20 different types of cryptocurrency. By creating a payment interface with automated conversion options, CORION solves the problem.


  1. Pegged to the US dollar – Not much will turn off first-time cryptocurrency adopters than the market crashing right after they bought their first digital currency. CORION is designed to resist the intense market spikes and crashes that have plagued other cryptocurrencies, allowing cautious first-timers to feel more at ease.


  1. Incentivized buy-in – CORION is designed to reward those who use it. Whether you’re a merchant, a customer, an app developer, or just an especially enthusiastic crypto-fan, you can receive coins merely for owning CORION and interacting with the platform on a daily basis. This incentivizes actual use of the currency as opposed to stockpiling it and forgetting about it. Cryptocurrency will only truly change the world when it’s used daily, and CORION is especially situated to facilitate that.

Ready to join us? Click here (https://www.corion.io/buy) to join our ICO crowdsale or here (https://corion.io/doc/technicalguide_v0.4_pub.pdf) to read our developer guide.




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