Twitter Bounty Hunter – WINNERS


You are among the winners. In order to we will able to pay off your prize you have to take a few steps to claim it. As you know CORION is a digital money that you need a digital public key, where we can transfer your reward.

1.)   If you already have CORION address : please send it us in a Twitter message (only the address).

2.)   If you don’t have CORION address yet: from 30th August 2017, you can sign up to CORION wallet (,  Please copy paste the address from the wallet and send it us in a Twitter message (only the address).



  • Please use and send only CORION address, don’t send any other address!
  • Please don’t send any other message in Twitter, only your address (we won’t answer in Twitter)
  • If you have any question, please use our client support:
  • Twitter bounty prizes will be payed out no sooner than 31st August, 2017.


Thank you for your active participation.



Check the results on the following link:



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