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Great to have you back. We are glad to give an update in this article about CorionX progress.

The past few months were an amazing period, we got so much support and feedback from our community. Tremendous discussions with potential partners to design a must to have product for mainstream usage. All our efforts bore fruit. We formed several mutually beneficial partnerships which provide additional use cases for CorionX.

The Syscoin interoperability bridge integration provides fast, cheap and scalable transactions for CORX and users can enjoy the benefits of Ethereum’s DeFi at the same time.

The FUSE Network and Studio will ensure a perfect backend of CorionX wallet which will provide the next generation of mobile payments and will power cheap, fast, and highly scalable transactions within the community using CorionX, Stablecoins and other ERC 20 tokens.

With all these features, CorionX will be supported with AI and being a useful asset on TEAL Marketplace.

In this week, we achieved an important milestone, we have closed CorionX IEO on Probit Exchange successfully. As we all experience, the market situation is always changing in our industry. These changes are always happening dramatically fast. Popularity of DeFi and DEXes grew significantly in the last couple of months and this trend is getting stronger according to our research. When we planned and prepared our IEO, this was not seen to become so powerful. Many community members indicated that they would prefer to trade CORX on DEXes and an IDO (Initial Dex Offering) for providing liquidity for trading, instead of centralized exchange listings.

In the last weeks, we have realized that lots of community members couldn’t participate in the IEO process because of their unfamiliarities with centralized exchanges. We decided to check the possibility of an IDO to ensure the opportunity for everyone, who wants to be a part of #MoneyInTheRightDirection Movement and prefer DEXes.

Our aim is to build a strong background for CorionX token, so every user is able to enjoy features and benefits of CorionX in the long term. We understood the market and our community’s demand to give an option to freely participate in an IDO and trade on DEXes.

Within our listing plans, we are going to do an IDO with Tokenizer DEX before ProBit listing. We will use the raised IDO funds for developments and provide liquidity on Tokenizer and Uniswap DEXes. After the IDO we plan to list CorionX prompt on Tokenizer, ProBit and Uniswap at the same time.

The expected date of listing and trading is 15th of November. ProBit will deposit tokens right before the listing.

As CorionX is the native token of the #MoneyInTheRightDirection movement, our collaboration with Tokenizer DEX will lead our progress into the right direction in a higher scale.

We believe our decision to be listed on DEXes, supported with an IDO serves the best interest of our community and supports extending CORX use cases. That does not mean that we won’t consider Centralized Exchanges.

We appreciate the support of our community and partners to make CorionX outrageous. Follow our announcement about the IDO and listings.

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