CorionX Rodmap & Community Update

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We are thrilled to inform the crypto industry and our cherished community about CorionX advancement and revisions to some key parameters to bring value to the CorionX ecosystem.

These updates will address changes to Tokenomics, CorionX utility token Usecase, and the introduction of DeFi & Cross-Chain Integration, and Crowdfunding use cases.

Over the weeks, the team has been prepping for keeping the CorionX vision intact and release the comprehensive details of the Roadmap in this update.

CorionX has prepared some unique features for users in this year 2021 to make them see the usefulness of the project. The features would be released quarterly this year so as to ensure that none of the users miss out on any feature.

Below is a snapshot of what the community should expect.


It is the core objective of the CorionX team to ensure that the holders and future users of the CorionX ecosystem are large and decentralized. With that in mind, the team is also committed to the long-term success of the CorionX infrastructure.

For the sake of transparency, the team has adopted a Lockup and Vesting for 240 million of CORX tokens, 60% of the total supply in various contracts for various use cases at the end of 2020 for 5 years. We planned to revise this metric structure to bring more value to the utility token.

Decentralized Finance is at the heart of Fintech and for that matter Blockchain in general. It was not possible three decades ago that individuals can perform financial transactions without trusting a third party.

It is possible with DeFi today. CorionX foresees a massive adoption of this way of a better financial system. We will roll up a massive DeFi integration in the upcoming months and implement it steadily.

Cross-Chain Integration

To realize the potential and the ultimate goal of CorionX, we prioritize effectiveness and efficiency. With this in mind, we are focused on three key points: Interoperability, Scalability, and Ecosystem. Powered by Distributed Ledger Technology, DeFi tools, and Partner Bridges, CorionX Ecosystem will make business and individual access to financial services seamless and more efficient compared to traditional finance.

CORX is running on Ethereum before subsequently launching on Binance Smart Chain and later on Polkadot, as well as how we will utilize Syscoin to achieve this.

CorionX Utility Use Case

Since the inception of the first use case of Blockchain Technology, no project is solely dedicated to the education and adoption of this financial revolution.

CorionX emerged to fill this gap on top of the traditional use case of Distributed Ledger Technology. This will be powered by the #MoneyInTheRightDirection movement in different programs. CorionX holders get benefits and special access to participate in the campaign programs.

The CorionX team plans to launch a complete utility token product, where CORX will represent a “product” function and help incite newcomers to use, hold & spend cryptocurrencies and stablecoins..

Crowdfunding, Tokensales

As the CorionX ecosystem expands and becomes bigger, we anticipate a huge appetite of institutional investors, private fund managers, retail traders, etc to invest in other crypto projects and services.

Due to the decentralized nature of the industry, it is almost if not impossibly difficult to invest in genuine projects. We plan to collaborate with the leading incubators to find early-stage crypto projects and provide access to CORX token holders in presales, public sales with favorable conditions.

The community should expect massive news on this as we seem to build the biggest Blockchain, Cryptofinance, and Crypto Economics education movement, #MoneyInTheRightDirection.

2021 Q1

  • CorionX Liquidity Lockup. We are aware of our community’s concern about scams and rug pulls of DeFi projects, this is an important step we take in continuing to help build more trust with the users, traders, and investors who have taken interest in our project and CORX token. We are working with Unicrypt to lock up liquidity on Uniswap to provide effortless trading to token holders without the risk of a rug pull event. As CorionX ecosystem is growing we are adding additional liquidity to the pool.
  • Launching Uniswap Liquidity Pool Yield Farming incentive. We recognized high interest to offer a further opportunity to let CORX token holders earn additional rewards in CORX. We plan to launch a Liquidity Pool Incentive on one of the most reliable Yield farming platforms. CORX Yield Farming token holders will be able to contribute by providing liquidity to CORX/ETH Uniswap Pool and earn up to 50+% APY.
  • Loyalty Staking Distribution, Staking without lockup: Holders of the CorionX utility token earn 2.5% quarterly (10.38% APY) staking rewards without needing to lock up their assets. This is paid on the average CorionX balance (above $100) held in the user’s ETH wallet (not on exchanges), leaving them free to transact and benefit from the token’s utility without missing out on rewards.
  • We plan to distribute Loyalty Staking Reward first time at the very beginning of April.
  • Launching Lock-up staking. Though token holders can earn a guaranteed 10.38% APY without locking up their assets, CorionX holders will be able to opt for a lock-up period of 3, 6, or 12 months to boost their earnings by up to 15–40% APY.
  • Syscoin Bridge Integration. CorionX is using partner’s bridges to provide interoperability, fast, secure & cheap transactions to our token holders. The bridge integration will boost scalability for the CORX token.
  • According to our plan, we would like to make CORX available in different regions to both crypto enthusiasts and people who are new to crypto. To make it happen, we plan to announce a new exchange listing.


  • Update of tokenomics with Utility and donation token concept: We plan to launch a complete utility token product, where CORX will represent a “product” function and help incite newcomers to use, hold & spend cryptocurrencies. This function will add more use-cases, corporate partnerships, and more users to the whole CorionX and #MoneyInTheRightDirection ecosystem.
  • We plan to extend CorionX as a donation/charity asset also, where different users/organizations will be able to use CORX to donate to organizations that will accept CORX and participate in this program. Charity will bring more acceptance, use-cases to CorionX.
  • Cross-Chain Interoperability Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot. CorionX on other most promising chains can provide interoperability, fast, secure & cheap transactions, and higher , also more use-cases with combining different chains and ecosystems.
  • CORX use-case in crowdfunding and token sales. We plan to collaborate with the leading incubators to find early-stage promising crypto projects and provide access to CORX token holders in presales, public sales with favorable conditions.
  • #MoneyInTheRightDirection strategic partnership discussions with the most relevant top tier exchanges to join the movement and also listing.

2021 Q3

  • Ask Community Anything crypto education promotion. With a special AMA product, newcomers will acquire practical usage of crypto assets with earning rewards in the education process, which provides awareness for CORX and the whole crypto ecosystem.
  • CorionX Wallet will provide the next generation of payments: This will power cheap, fast, and highly scalable transactions within the community using CorionX, Stablecoins, and other ERC-20 tokens. CORX holders will enjoy favorable conditions.


  • Swap Integration: Kyber Network, Balancer. With a listing on Kyber Network, CORX will be tradeable in other wallets like Trust Wallet, and planning to integrate swap in the CorionX wallet.
  • Crypto Savings, Lending & Borrowing: Earning Yields in CeFi and DeFi: CorionX is looking to integrate Centralized Finance and Decentralized Finance solutions to provide easy to use access to mainstream users to earn yields in crypto savings and stablecoin lending and to extend CorionX utilities. Earning interest in CORX and other cryptos extends the utilities of CORX tokens and provide favorable conditions to token holders.
  • Non-Fungible Token use-case extension. Non-fungible tokens are used to create verifiable digital scarcity, as well as digital ownership, and the possibility of asset interoperability across multiple platforms. NFTs are used in several specific applications that require unique digital items like arts, crypto-collectibles, and crypto-gaming. We plan to extend our ecosystem with NFTs, which will add more value to CORX tokens in this special field.

Congrats to everyone who participated and are actively involved in helping bring awareness to the CorionX project.

Journey with us as we build the crypto education infrastructure and the robust user-friendly and interoperable CorionX.

About CorionX:

CorionX is a modern blockchain platformbuilt on Ethereum that acts as a hub for crypto and stablecoin users and is built to promote the adoption of cryptocurrency, stablecoins, crypto saving solutions, and other technologies that empower users and reduce reliance on legacy infrastructure. The CorionX (CORX) token is “gas” for the rapidly developing stablecoin and crypto infrastructure and is designed to help incentivize stablecoin and DeFi adoption.

CorionX (ERC-20 token): With its utility token, CORX is focused on merging the cryptocurrency and fast-growing stablecoin environment. CORX is an important asset to incite education, promotion and spread of crypto knowledge globally with the #MoneyInTheRightDirection movement. This movement will tie the world together in a community where people share knowledge and information about digital finance and its various aspects.

CorionX is using partner’s bridges to provide interoperability, fast, secure & cheap transactions, and scalability.

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