Laserpunk Gods’ bounty campaign

What are Laserpunk Gods? Laserpunks gods a brand new 3D animated NFT Metaverse created by crypto entrepreneurs, incubated by CorionX Team Members and supported by its global #MoneyInTheRightdirection Movement. To more details please check: About The Laserpunk Gods Metaverse BIG BANG: The beginning — Once upon a time the Laserpunk Galaxy was born. The initial idea was the LASERPUNK PLANET, a 3D animated NFT project, a genesis planet of the Laserpunks NFTs. What are the use cases of Laserpunk Gods’ NFTs? To own Laserpunk Gods NFTs have many benefits and use cases such as: Governance function. Extra JPG Avatar…


CorionX: Embrace The Metaverse

CorionX is thrilled to announce its journey into the NFT/Metaverse domain with the launch of the LaserPunk Gods. With NFTs and Metaverse taking the center stage in recent time in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space with a potential to becoming the next multi-billion dollar technology and one of the biggest innovation that aligns with our believe, we welcome the CorionX community into the next phase of our development which is set to be beneficial to the growth of our ecosystem and the community. About CorionX CorionX stands for the adoption, usage, and spreading of cryptocurrencies. CorionX leads the #MoneyInTheRightDirection Movement…


CorionX and LuxFi Join Hands to Link Real-World Luxury Assets and NFTs

CorionX is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with LuxFi to support the growth and success of LuxFi’s NFT marketplace and CorionX’s DeFi Platform. CorionX aims to help the development and spread of #cryptocurrencies in the world, and this partnership will assist in accelerating the process and provide value to LuxFi at the same time. CorionX has been working to improve their platform for users and projects since its commencement, including listing projects on the CorionX DeFi and offering access to Launchpad projects soon. Both CorionX and LuxFi will collaborate on numerous facets and strive to make the most out of the collaboration.…


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