CorionX DeFi Update

We are glad to give an update in this article about CorionX DeFi progress The past few months were a busy period, but we are still on track. According to our plan, new features are coming in 2021 to extend our existing CORX token use cases. These features include lockup staking, interoperability, yield farming, and more earning opportunities for CORX holders. All our efforts will bear fruit very soon. We achieved a significant milestone, listing CorionX on 4 centralized and 2 decentralized exchanges. The world of decentralized finance (DeFi) allows users to act as a bank. Here, users can lend…


Important notice about the upcoming Loyalty Staking reward distribution.

Dear cherished CorionX community! First and foremost let us thank you for being a part of our community. The past few months have been very exciting for CorionX ecosystem and the future will be same. We launched our CorionX BSC-ETH brigde and CORXb on Binance Smart Chain. We started our Ambassador Program and the application process is ongoing. CORXb has listed on PancakeSwap and this gives further access to Binance Smart Chain decentralized finance ecosystem. Now, the time has come to distribute the Loyalty Staking rewards to our valuable token holders. As it is well known fact the transaction fees are extremely high on Ethereum blockchain, therefore we decided to distribute…


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