Integration of CorionX at XcelPay Wallet!

XcelPay Wallet is proud to announce its partnership with CorionX (CORX) — a blockchain-based ERC20 utility token, globally accepted that creates the framework for education, expansion, and promotion for the usage of stablecoins, CBDCs and DeFi globally. CorionX creates a platform for education and leads the #MoneyInTheRightDirection Movement to succeed in the paradigm shift how to use crypto as a digital and programmable money. Using CorionX utility token on a daily basis has many benefits through partnerships and white label solutions. Token holders are rewarded 2.5% staking quarterly in the Loyalty Staking Program. There’s more to this partnership! CorionX will also be adopted into XcelPay Wallet — a merchant POS, digital payment wallet…


Global Stablecoin Popularization and Education Movement

The world needs an ever growing stablecoin community. Our target is 20m daily payment stablecoin users by 2020. “There is a payment solution, money transfer without any value loss on a cheaper, faster, secure, easier, 24/7 and borderless way and we should all know about this innovative new way of money!” In fintech recently the main thing has been to find the correct orientation. Innovative startups, users, regulatory instances, banks and investors are concerned. So it was time for testing new technologies which can offer promising solutions to fulfil the required financial needs of the 21st century. The number of…


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