Global Stablecoin Popularization and Education Movement

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The world needs an ever growing stablecoin community. Our target is 20m daily payment stablecoin users by 2020.

“There is a payment solution, money transfer without any value loss on a cheaper, faster, secure, easier, 24/7 and borderless way and we should all know about this innovative new way of money!”

In fintech recently the main thing has been to find the correct orientation. Innovative startups, users, regulatory instances, banks and investors are concerned. So it was time for testing new technologies which can offer promising solutions to fulfil the required financial needs of the 21st century.

The number of blockchain based services and cryptocurrency users have shown a strong growth comparing to the early crypto years. The technology is proven in many ways, major failures have now been corrected and the industry is constantly evolving.

After 10 years of experimentation, blockchain related developments are now going in three directions:

  • Data digitalization / tokenization: SOV (store-of-value) data storage,authentication, identification and asset digitalization.
  • Investments: above all securities, new ways of fundraising (ICO, STO),coin exchange trading, speculative assets, high-risk products.
  • Payments: alternative payment asset with price stabilization system: Stablecoins

What does “stable” mean? ”Give me a fulcrum, and I shall move the world.” Archimedes wanted a stable point of reference. Stablecoin is what the user feels stable; the certain stablecoin value is always comparable with the chosen national (FIAT) currency value (e.g.: 1 coin = 1 USD).

Why are stablecoins good? With stablecoin the borderless value transfer is instant, nearly costless, 24/7 across the globe, available to anyone, anywhere, at any time: and all this in a simple way.

For whose benefit? Remittances (send money “home”), international traders, digital generation, financial institutions, residents of high inflation countries, webshops/merchants, communities, early adopters.

Why is it better, than other payment solutions? Stablecoins are e-wallets independent, borderless, their transactions are transparent: can be tracked on a distributed ledger. Micro and macro payments, unseizable (your private key = your money), it can be spreading out much faster and are independent of providers.

“Stablecoins are here to stay, people should know it!”

Swiss-based, independent Corion Foundation is active in the stablecoin industry since 2016. It promotes and supports research, development, understanding, adaption and investment in the stablecoin market and affirms the importance of the blockchain and stablecoins. Corion will be working on to reach 20mn daily payment stablecoin users in the next few years.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

The Global Stablecoin Popularization and Education Movement in a nutshell

Motto: “Stablecoins. Money in the right direction.”

Traditional currencies and transaction methods are changing today and an update is needed. New technologies, and a new form of money is quietly being tested worldwide right now — Stablecoins are the new crypto instruments which will have the full potential to change how we do payments globally.

The fundamental principle: “User security First!”

Security of the user through secure transactions, secure independent methods, stable prices, secure technology, predictable regulatory environment.

Success of the campaign will be measured by the number of daily payment stablecoin users, our target is 20mn daily payment stablecoin users by the end of 2020.

Main message: “Money transfer without any value loss on a cheaper, faster, secure, easier, 24/7 and borderless way. This is Stablecoin. We should all know about this innovative new way of payment opportunity!”

How to succeed?: A new program is only successful if a large number of people like it and show their interest by active participation. Active participation means exchange of information, multifaceted opinions, propositions to further improve the approach and solutions in practical execution.

Content program: if you are a writer, blogger, podcaster, vlogger, media, PR agency and you are motivated to become a voice of the Stablecoin Movement.

Event program: if you are an event organizer who is willing to arrange stablecoin conferences, keynote speech, roundtables, discussions, stablecoin exhibitions, attendee promotions, stablecoin meetups contribute to inform people face to face about stablecoins.

Social media program: if you are a social media marketing agency or user who likes to share content with your followers and friends, be compensated through a wide range of bounties for sharing posts about stablecoins.

Ambassador program: if you are an influencer, leader who spreads information, is lobbying, introduces stablecoin scoring to regulators and investors, speaks on events and roundtables, or coordinates campaign programs with the participants, you can be a stablecoin ambassador.

Partner program: stablecoin project teams who are ready to activate their users to take part in the movement through bounties and become loyal users.

Merchant program: competitive merchants who are happy to accept a new payment solution and using stablecoins and willing to make payments with the accepted stablecoins to their suppliers.

Institution program: regulators, financial institutions who are open for adoption of new fintech solutions and are ready to work out rules and install regulations favourable to stablecoins.

Finance program: supporters and backers who are willing to contribute to the campaign’s costs. Innovative investors who are willing to learn how to invest in the stablecoin industry.

Other activities: stablecoin market researchers, stablecoin project and scoring analysts, experts.

The program participants are expected to communicate without any restriction (no trolling) as regards their opinion, their preferences concerning the technology and future developments. They should feel free to express themselves in their preferred language — English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, German, others. The campaign is not concerned about one single stablecoin, instead it covers the whole stablecoin industry.

If you are interested about any of these programs, please read more here & apply on our LinkedIn!

Stage 1.: Popularization of stablecoins globally

Stage 2.: Scoring, inform regulators, involve stakeholders

Stage 3.: Merchants, to promote stablecoin acceptance

Stage 4: User information, education, use in daily life

To whom is the campaign addressed?

  • to potential users and merchants
  • to investors, who are looking for a market entry
  • to regulators, to understand stablecoin better
  • to crypto industry and stablecoin projects, who identify with our main goals and principles
  • to people, who are fascinated by new technologies

How Corion Foundation supports the campaign:

The main focus of our foundation is to educate people to understand stablecoins better and show how they can be beneficial in our everyday use and how the stablecoin world developing globally. We at Corion believe that most people potentially interested in cryptocurrencies in general (particularly in stablecoins) to deploy their knowledge and energy with this objective in mind.

  • Spreading out information, education, practices to reach out to all stakeholders.
  • Coordination, incentives, communication channels
  • Engage and motivate
  • Raising sponsorships
  • Budget 150mn CorionX utility token designed for the stablecoin market

Everybody who is interested in the development of the campaign is welcome to contribute!

Be part of the ‘Stablecoin Movement’ and join our community now!

We are full-heartedly enthusiastic! Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm!

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